Brambles Care Home


Aims and Objectives

Brambles Residential Home is a community care home offering long and short stay care and accommodation for twenty-eight elderly clients of varying ages and abilities. It is our desire that clients are cared for in a pleasant, comfortable, clean and homely environment without restriction to movement and activity.

The philosophy of care adopted by the Home is one of ensuring that clients have the right to care for themselves as far as they are able or willing with active encouragement and support from staff, family and friends. We aim to promote independence both physically, psychologically and socially in order that clients continue to feel that they are valued and contributing members of society.

In order to achieve overall well-being it may be necessary to accept a degree of risk in some daily activities. Clients are encouraged to maintain links with social centers and community groups, churches, pubs and clubs and to promote this philosophy any necessary routines within the home remain flexible to accommodate client’s activities.

At Brambles we aim to tailor services and care to individual client needs by way of care planning and assessment involving the client, their family, General Practitioner and other health care professionals. Clients will be encouraged to plan their care with a Key Worker and wherever possible this carer will be involved in assisting the client on a day to day basis. Where it is established that clients physical care needs are being met by their own abilities, encouragement will be given in order to maintain and promote this independence. Where areas requiring assistance are identified we aim to offer care and promote rehabilitation in order to improve the cause, where possible and reduce dependence.

We aim to create an environment that will enable clients to socialize and integrate with others within the Home. To encourage this home provides a number of organized social events and outings. Clients will be encouraged to participate in the organization of the type of activity that is arranged and to join in as desired. Further involvement will be encouraged by our Activities coordinator and at regular Residents Meetings, where clients have the opportunity to influence how their home is run.

At Brambles we strive to ensure that the services offered to clients are tailored to their individual needs and that the utmost dignity and respect for confidentiality is maintained. Our aim is to improve and maintain a high quality of life both physically and psychologically, and to respect the client as an individual at all times.

To support our aims and philosophy at Brambles regular Residents Meetings are held to ensure that all of our clients have the opportunity to influence how their home is run. Additionally a number of residents and relatives of residents meet as a Council with the management team to plan events, outings, celebrations and activities.

What the care home does well

An extract from our CQC report.

Residents are able to enjoy a full and stimulating lifestyle with a variety of options to choose from. The home has sought the views of the residents and considered their varied interests when planning the routines of daily living and arranging activities both in the home and the community. Routines are very flexible and residents can make choices in major areas of their life.

The service actively encourages and provides imaginative and varied opportunities for people using the service to develop and maintain social, emotional, communication and independent living skills where appropriate. The service has very strong and highly effective methods, which focus on involving residents in all areas of their life, and actively promotes the rights of individuals to make informed choices, providing links to specialist support when needed. This includes developing and maintaining family and personal relationships.

Personal support is responsive to the varied and individual needs and preferences. The delivery of personal care is individual and is flexible, consistent, reliable, and person centred. Staff respect privacy and dignity and are sensitive to changing needs. The service listens and responds to individuals' choices and decisions about who delivers their personal care. People are supported and helped to be independent and can take responsibility for their personal care needs. Staff listen and take account of what is important to them.

The home has an open culture where individuals feel safe and supported to share any concerns in relation to their protection and safety. Policies and procedures regarding Care Homes for Older People Page 5 of 8 safeguarding adults are available to staff and give them clear guidance about what action should be taken. People using the service or their representatives are made aware of what abuse is and the safeguards which exist for their protection. Access to external agencies or advocacy services is actively promoted.

Management prioritise training and facilitate staff members to undertake external qualifications beyond basic requirements. The home has internal developmental training, to complement formal training as part of an ongoing training plan. The registered manager has the required qualifications and experience, is highly competent to run the home and meets its stated aims and objectives. The manager has sound knowledge of both strategic and financial planning.